Month: November 2017

How I Did the Lighting in My Reading Nook

Sooooo I finally built a reading nook. All by myself.

No, of course it’s not as fancy as all the beautiful nooks you see on Pinterest, though I did borrow some ideas from there for the design and decoration. (For the inspiration, I actually even searched through tips to make reading nooks for CHILDREN :P)

I forgot to take the “before and after” pics, but my balcony originally looked like the one in this picture below, only a little more narrow.

It was not as hard as I thought it would be. I actually spent only half a day on setting everything up, except the lighting.

I built it in a very small balcony in my apartment, half of which is occupied by an army of basils, cactuses, orchids, and Bougainvillea.

First, it’s the rearrangement of the plants for more space. Next, I hang on 2 small bamboo curtains for in case I might be home some hot afternoon and want to read when the sun is shining right on my balcony.

Then, I threw there an armchair with a blanket and some cushion on it, and behind it, a narrow but tall bookshelf. I filled it with as many books as I could, admittedly even with the ones I’ve already finished reading, just so it looks cool. Only one of the cells is left free of the books – it’s where I was going to leave my coffee mug.

Perfetto. Perfetto! – I thought.

Then went the sun and came the night and I realized I had no light to read at the time I read most often.