Avid reader and coffee drinker, I created this space for my ramblings and musings on books that I have read.  I have a profound love of books and you can find me most of the time-if not at Peet’s, Starbucks or my neighborhood coffee house-at the library or a book store. I read and review everything from fiction to fantasy and every genre in between.  The  genre I love to read though is romance, whether paranormal or general-it’s my guilty pleasure-like eating while watching food network!

I like to keep my reviews short and sweet, unless I’m doing a review for a tour or promotion.  I’m excited to have this space and I hope you all enjoy hanging out here as much as I do.  I love comments (as long as they are not disrespectful or inappropriate) and I
enjoy interacting with my readers.

Aside from reading I enjoy cooking and baking and as my three boys like to put it “ruining their fun with my rules and regulations!” I’m a die-hard football fan and a soccer mom.  Yes, I have a busy life but I love it! All I need in my life are my books, my boys, my blog and a good cup of coffee-or two!

Happy reading!